Saturday 2nd of July 09:00-13:00

Greece & India - Joint Meeting

Speakers from Greece:


1. Title: In vitro biomechanical analysis of torque capabilities of various 0.018’’ lingual bracket-wire systems: total torque play and slot size.

Speaker: Prof. Daratsianos Nikolaos


2. Title: Incognito system, a fully customized appliance, Why not in complex malocclusions?

Speaker: Dr. Laspos Chris


3. Title: Digital vs analog in lingual orthodontics

Speaker: Dr. Karakousoglou Stefanos 



Speakers from India:


1. Title: Clinical Challenges in Lingual Orthodontics. Can Manufacturers Help?

Speaker: Dr. Kanta Das Surya


2. Title: iLingual 3d Hybrid SL  - Simplifying Lingual orthodontics the digital way!

Speaker: Dr. Kothari Jignesh 


3. Title:  Lingual matrix 3D - Changing CAD/CAM Perspective.

Speaker: Dr. Shetty Pravin


4. Title: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Simple clinical tips to success in Lingual Orthodontics.

Speaker: Dr. Tushar Hegde