Friday 1 of July 2016 14:00-18:00

Incognito from Art to Z


In this lecture Ilias will cover the art of orthodontics. He will update and enhance the information you have received from your certification course. He will merge the incognito system with current orthodontic concepts; giving practical advice for every step of the orthodontic journey; from diagnosis, treatment, to finishing at a masterclass level. There will be a practical session with typodonts, to familiarise with different ties and ligatures with the incognito system (subject to availability). Beginners and advanced users are welcome!


Typodont exercise.

Everybody welcome...


The course is included in your registration fee



Dr. Ilias Marinopoulos

Ilias finished his dental studies in the Capodestrean school of Athens, Greece in 2002. He continued his orthodontic studies in the Royal university of Aarhus, Denmark and then in the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where he received his specialty and his Masters with distinction. Ilias has worked in the public sector and privately in Sweden, before he came to UK in 2010. He is currently represented by 8 private dental clinics as a specialist orthodontist, treating mainly complex adult cases with various aesthetic systems. Ilias has been no1 provider (based on individual arch ordering) of the incognito system 3M in UK for 2014-15.