Elzo Giovanna, Gonzalez Leonor

Title: Combination Treatment, the Partnership of Lingual and Labial Orthodontics

AIMS: work, short interbracket distance and long chair-time are the main disadvantages. Another problem is the tongue discomfort because friction of lower arch in lingual appliances. For this reason, many Orthodontists who practice lingual, prefer to treat the maxillary arch with lingual brackets and the mandibular arch with labial fixed appliances. The goal of this lecture is to explain the planning and execution of the combined technique while showing clinical tips to avoid surprises during the treatment.

METHODS: In clinical cases, we will show how combination treatment is a good way to treat the patients’ malocclusion. We also want to share different lingual techniques protocols using appliances as Incognito brackets and In-ovation L appliances.

Results and Conclusions: Combination treatment is a good option to treat our patients. It simplifies the treatment, decreases the time chair, and reduces the patients’ discomfort.