Eicrhelberger Alexandre, Gravaud Matthieu

Title: Correction of Class II by molar distalization in lingual orthodontics


Today, mini screws  complement the orthodontist’s therapeutic arsenal. We will see how they are used in lingual orthodontics for correction of class II molar distalization.

The absolute anchorage provided by the mini screws will allow optimum dento-alveolar class II correction. In some limited cases, it will permit us to treat without premolar extraction or without surgery.

The purpose of this study is to identify some of the techniques by which this complex movement is obtained. To this end, we will analyze the pendulum with mini screws, the Normed system, Dr. Wilmes system and the classical method. All devices used for distalization have advantages and disadvantages.

We will evaluate who has the greatest interest, and it will be described through the complete study of a clinical case.

The correction of class II by molar distalization using mini screws being made accessible, orthodontic therapeutic habits must change. Orthognathic surgery will be proposed to the patient in case of major skeletal and aesthetic deficit.