Dinkova Miroslava Mileti

Title: Comparison of 3 different methods for distalization in cases with impacted canines


AIM: The aim of the current report is to present three different techniques for traction and leveling of impacted maxillary canines with the use of STb lingual appliance.

Materials and methods: 11 impacted canines of 9 patients were followed up. The impacted canines were aligned in the dental arches after a space for them was provided. For distalization in 5 of the cases were used mini-implants (Dentos – 1514-10), in 2 – M Pendulum appliance and in the last 2 cases – open coil springs. All 9 patients were treated with STb lingual braces. A full orthodontic analysis was made before and after the orthodontic treatments.

Results: Fastest results of distalization were obtained in cases with mini-implants. In Pendulum cases the treatment duration was prolonged. A reciprocal effect was observed. The use of open coil springs allowed single, consequently movement of the distal teeth which required more treatment time. In these cases it was found generally distal tipping of the distal teeth with initial mesial tipping.

Conclusion: Although a small number of teeth were included in the study, the applied techniques showed that mini-implants are the better choice for distalization, especially when the reciprocal effect is contraindicated.