Gabriela Davicino

Title: The application of Lingual technique in facial asymmetry related with occlusal plane inclination in frontal sense


AIMS: The objective of this work is to This technique can let me treat children and adolescents obtaining positive and solid results with checks in a long time from 5 to 10 years old.

METHODS:The work was made using bite plane in the anterosuperior sector, letting the eruption of the posterior sector, increasing in this way the vertical dimension which answers in a biological and solid way. The brackets used were Stb, lingual technique.Pre and Post X- Ray treatments were made in which an exhaustive comparative analysis was developed together with a series of photographs that show the result.

Results and Conclusions: The patients’ evolution was positive with an increasing in the structure of the basal bone established in the anterior sector by the bite plane and the biological eruption of the affected sector regularizing the facial asymmetry. Taking into consideration the theory of the functional matrices, it allows explaining how the occlusal plane inclination in the space produces structural changes in both the basal bone and the dentoalveolar region. These changes usually result in vertical growth (either as enlargement or resorption) of the basal component.