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Friday 1st of July 2016

Chairpersons: Prof. Echarri Pablo, Dr. Valdetaro Henrique, Dr. Manjul M.Jain


09:00-09:10  DT Samaras Theodoros - President of Panahellenic Federetion of Dental Laboratories

Open Speech 


09:10-09:30 SDT Antonopoulos George (GR)  – A.D.O.M.E.

12th ESLO Congress.F.A.I.L. in Lingual Orthodontics? Or First Attempt In Learning? Questions and research.


09:30-10:00 SODT Sheffield Peter  (UK) – IN-tendo PIB SYSTEM

The relationship of height and thickness according to changing anterior torque in Lingual Indirect Bonding


10:00-10:30 SODT Negrini Stefano (IT) – Ortodonzia Estense Srl-Lab

The meaning of sharing in dental communication - dQube


10:30-11:00 SODT Fantozzi Fabio  (IT) – Orthofan – Lab

Custom made set-up and digital set-up: it's the same think?


11.00-11.30 Coffee Break


Chairpersons: Dr. Svetlana Tekucheva, Dr.Thomas Ortendahl, SODT Sciacca Ari James


11:30-11:50 Dr. Panagiotis Konstantinos (GR) –Prof. NDTUA of Greece (National Dental Technician University of Athens)

Lingual Orthodontic appliances and temporary prosthetic restorations in adolescent patients attached on TADs.


11:50-12:10 Dr. Manjul M. Jain (IN) – Lingual Matrix Systems

Virtual Customization in Lingual Orthodontic treatment


12:10-12:30 Mr. Leo Li R&D manager (CH) - eBrace Systems

Comparative study on bonding strength and shearing strength of different customized lingual bracket



Prof. Manolis Papagrigorakis   

The reconstruction of the face of a 2.500 year-old girl: Myrtis


13:15-14:00 Lunch


Chairpersons: Dr. Panagiotis Konstantinos, SODT Peter Sheffield


14:00-14:30 Dr. Tekucheva Svetlana (Prof. Leonid Spersin, Dr. NIKOLAY Oborotistov) (RU) Department of Orthodontics, University of Medicine and Dentistry- Moscow, Russia

A new system for digitizing, measuring, analyzing dental casts and treatment planning based on digital 3D-technologies


14:30-15:00 SODT Decker Lionel  (FR) - COMIRO

Communication and 3d applications: How to optimize Orthodontic practice


15:00-15:30 SODT Sciacca Ari James (AU) - Archform Systems-LAB Melbourne

Digital Orthodontics and the Digital Laboratory


15:30-16:00 SODT Gonidis Sokratis (GR)-Gonidis Lab

Manual vs Digital Setups


16.00-16.30 Break


Chairpersons: Dr. Pedernera Martin, SODT Negrini Stefano


16:30-17:00 SODT Tatsuro Inagaki (JP) – Orthoplanets Lab

Lingual set-up we apply on cases for occlusal plane


17:00-17:30 SODT Paoletto Emanuele (IT) - Orthomodul Lab

A Three-Dimensional Digital Insertion Guide for Palatal miniscrews Placement


17:30-18:00 SODT Cicatiello Massimo (IT)- Napoli Ortodonzia Lab

Italian experience of specialized Orthodontic laboratory