Dr. Jean-Marc Bellaiche

Short CV

  • Graduated from Dental University of Paris VII (1995)
  • Orthodontics Postgraduated (CECSMO 2004 - Paris VII)
  • Esthetic and Orthodontics Postgraduated (DHEO 2014 - Paris V)
  • Certificate of Buccal Biology (Paris, 1995) and Orthodontics (Paris, 2004)
  • Past-Assistant in the Departement of Orthodontics (Paris VII, 2005-2009)
  • Practice limited to Orthodontics  in Paris since 2002
  • Titular Member of the European College of Orthodontics (CEO)
  • Active Member of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO)





Title: CLUES in asymetric extraction cases in Lingual Orthodontics

The aim of this presentation is to give simple keys of how to treat difficult cases in lingual orthodontics, in particular with unilateral or atypical extractions cases.

Some effects are well known as soon as we extract teeth in lingual orthodontics, but some of them are specific  when we choose to extract in an asymetric way. We can expect  many side effects of the mechanics, as tipping of the anterior teeth, cant of the occlusal plane …

A lot of factors have to be integrated to avoid or to limit those effects: for example the type of the slot (edge/ribbon), the position of the tooth extracted on the arch, the kind of archwire,.... Despite our precautions, it happens that some problems occur. Some clues have to be known to be able to "repair" and to finish our treatments with a good occlusion. It will be illustrated with several clinical cases.