Dr. Takahiro Shoji

Short CV

Guraduate from Health Science University of Hokkaido,Japan

Active member of WSLO

Active and Titular  member  of ESLO

Active member of JLOA

Certified orthodontist and expert orthodontsist of Japanese Orthodontic Society(JOS) 




Title: Introduction to the new lingual orthodontic treatment of three-dimensional digital setup

AIMS: The lingual orthodontic treatment has particular problems comparing to the labial orthodontic treatment. It is a difficult to control teeth movement and treat from the chairside. In recent years, several customized orthodontic systems are adopted in the lingual orthodontic treatment. They are collecting a lot of attention for the new approach with regard to existent problems. Adopting the new optical scanner, computerized three-dimensional digital setup in the lingual orthodontic treatment is aiming for reducing the hours by clarifying the goal of treatment. We would like to introduce the one of our clinics new strategies.

METHODS: We applied in the lingual orthodontic treatment using the three-dimensional digital setup. The system was written as blow. 1. Produces diagnostic 3D model on the computer by scanning of the optical scanner. 2. Prints out the three-dimensional model which we made during the diagnosis. 3. Based on the printed out setup model, we make cores and decide the location of brackets. 4. Mounts the core of brackets inside a patients mouth.

Results and Conclusions: Adopting the latest digital skills, we improved accuracy of the treatment for doctors, hygienists, and dental technicians. Also we achieved to reduce operation hours and period of the treatment. We could obtain a specific goal of the treatment.

Authors: Takahiro Shoji, Kazuo Togashi