Dr. Ming-Hsien Lan

Short CV

Name: Ming-Hsien Lan

Nationality: Taiwan

  • 1987 DDS, Dental School, National Taiwan University
  • 1994 Certificate of orthodontics, National Taiwan University
  • 1994-1999  Chairman, department of Orthodontics
  • Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei
  • 1999-Now, E-line Taiwan-Dr. Lan’s Invisible Orthodontics


  • Taiwan Association of Orthodontists(TAO):
  • Supervisor
  • Taiwan Association of Lingual Orthodontists(TALO): President

International Membership

  • American Association of Orthodontists(AAO)
  • World Federal of Orthodontics(WFO)
  • World Society of Lingual Orthodontics(WSLO)




Topic: Retreatment of Class II cases by Lingual orthodontics and TADs

Dr. LAN’s Invisible orthodontics, Taipei/Taiwan

President, Taiwan association of Lingual Orthodontists (TALO)

We all know that TADs can help us deal with a variety of malocclusions without losing anchorage. That is the reason why I always use them to retreat some class II cases. Because most of these cases had already lost their upper bicuspids during their first treatment, so we have no reason to extract tooth anymore. On the contrary, we have to retract the whole upper dentition back to correct class II relationship.

In this presentation, I will focus on how to evaluate adult class II patients and how I use TADs as a useful tool to retreat class II relapse cases.