Dr. Keizo Hirose

Short CV

1960 Born in Yokohama Japan.
1985-1991 Nippon Dental University Department of Orthodontic

1991-1993 Foundation for advanced continuing education CA USA

1995 Hirose Orthodontic Office Tokyo Japan
2002 Nippon Dental University Clinical Professor

2012 Incognito Appliance System Key opinion Leader

 2013 Best Speaker of 11th ESLO meeting 






Title: New protocol for extraction cases about anterior tip control by Incognito system based on Japanese cases   


AIMS: Some problems of angulation control of anterior dentition were obserbed during space closure phase in Japanese cases with tooth extraction treated with Incognito Appliance System. The cause of the problem has been investigated and proposed to the new protocol of mechanics for extraction cases.

METHODS: Tooth axis of anterior dentition has been investigated in the intra oral photos from Japanese cases treated by Incognito Appliance System after space closure. The tendency of distal-crown tipping was observed after space closure and also the treatment duration was relatively prolonged in those cases.

Results and Conclusions: In Incognito cases with tooth extraction, it is preferable to put Tip Chain on anterior teeth or to add <anti-distal-tipping bend> to the arch wires to avoid distal tipping of anterior dentition during space closure phase.

Placing the power chain on the canine to canine or adding 7-degrees of anti-tipping bend to the arch wire at the lateral incisors and canine preferable tooth axes were maintained after the space closure.