Prof. Olivier Sorel

Short CV

Professor Olivier SOREL (France)

Specialist in Orthodontics (DCD ; CECSMO, PHD, HDR), Professor at the University of Rennes, head of the Orthodontic Department in Rennes.

He has published many articles and lectured extensively in France Italy, England, Germany, Australia. He is President  of the French Orthodontic Society (SFODF) and past President of the Lingual Orthodontic Society in France (SFOL).





Title: Reshaping teeth

Reshaping teeth by stripping enamel is not just a question of space. The expected potential benefit outweighs any possible risks. The reduction of the diameter of teeth has an influence on the proportion of teeth, on the width between the roots and on the distance from the contact point to the bone crest. The first parameter is crucially important on aesthetic balance of the smile. Both last one manage the conditions of presences of papilla. It is then possible to eliminate the black triangle and stimulate the regeneration of the gingival papilla.

To be made it is necessary to put the indication of stripping by taking into account in particular the harmony between teeth. To preview the treatment becomes necessary to consider the quantity of enamel, which can be to eliminate. The digital set up is then of a help to visualize in three dimension the harmony of the end of treatment.

The application of the treatment plan requires the elaboration of a strategy in the alignment of teeth. In particular, by the fact that it is not possible to make of the stripping if teeth are not enough aligned. The reduction of the enamel is made in two phases, the first one allows the elimination itself and the second is a phase of polishing.

The stripping is a therapeutic possibility that it is maturely necessary to think with rigorous protocols and precise technicality, which requires sculptor's sleight of hand. There is the key of the success.