Dr. Guillaume Lecocq

Short CV

- Orthodontist graduated from University of Lille (France)

- Master of Sciences - Lille 

- Private practice in Valenciennes (France)

- Scientific director of the post graduate diploma in lingual orthodontic and esthetic at Paris V Descartes  

- President-elect of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO) - 2018

- Titular member of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics

- Titular member of the European College of Orthodontics




Title  : Lingual orthodontics is first orthodontics

Many lingual brackets and systems are on offer. All of them are better than the competitors. But what about the doctor’s skills?

As a practitioner, are you the one who makes the treatment or does the appliance make it for you? Is a piece of metal and a fragment of wire cleverer than a doctor? 

Appliance design must not efface the fact that you are the one who decides on the treatment plan, drives each clinical steps and makes the treatment successful. You are the one who has a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics and manages it at each appointment.

Various cases will be studied to analyze the clinical situation and the way to program the appliance according biomechanics, esthetic criteria, periodontal and prosthetic state… So, you would be able to prepare the prescription form for the realization of an individualized lingual appliance, and to understand the information included in the brackets and the wire. Therefore the clinical management would be easier and more predictable.