Dr. Toshiaki Hiro

Short CV

1985; DDS from Matsumoto Dental University

1993; PhD degree from Department of Orthodontics, Fukuoka Dental University

1985-1994; Senior Instructor, Department of Orthodontics, MDU

1990; Accredited Orthodontist, Japan Orthodontic Society (JOS)

1997; Accredited Orthodontic Instructor, JOS  

1994; Private practice, Shiojiri city, Nagano, Japan

2002; European Specialist License, Membership of Orthodontics (M-Ortho RCSEd).

2004; License of Instructor, Japan Adult Orthodontic Society (JAOS)

2005; European Board of Orthodontists

2006; Board-Certified Orthodontists, JOS

2004; License of Certificate, JAOS

2007; Japanese Board of Adult Orthodontists

2008; World Board of Lingual Orthodontics certified by ESLO







Title : Introduction of the cases submitted for the renewal of Japan Orthodontic Board


Introduction of Lingual Orthodontic cases submitted for Japan Orthodontic Board

In 2006, JOS held the first examination of Japan Orthodontic Board.

The examination consists of case evaluation and oral examination.

Case categories are;

1:  Class I malocclusion (extraction case preferred)

2: Class II division 1 malocclusion (high angle case, FMA>35°, SN-MP>42.0°)

3: Class II division 1 malocclusion treated with extraction

4: Class II division 2 malocclusion (Overbite>5 mm, extraction or non-extraction accepted)

5: Class III malocclusion treated without extraction

6: Class III malocclusion treated with extraction

7: Open bite case, with negative Overbite

8: early treatment case (1st phase treatment with deciduous or mixed dentition,  2nd phase treatment with permanent dentition)

9:  Adult case (Age >20)

10: Jaw deformity or congenital anomalies such as Cleft Lip & Palate

The exam is done with completely anonymous.

The exam is known as quite difficult to pass because one of the Professors and Chairmen failed the exam twice.

Also JOB requires the renewal for every 5 years.
At the congress, I would like to introduce the JOB, presenting my lingual cases that are submitted for the exam.