Ai Sakai, Takahiro Shoji

Title: The Role of Dental Hygienists in Digitalized Orthodontic Treatment at Shibuya Orthodontic Clinic

AIMS: I would like to introduce our new digital orthodontic treatment and the developing role of our dental hygienists. Recently, our living environment has been rapidly developed by digital technology, so does the orthodontic treatment. The digitalization in the orthodontic treatment has dramatically changed the role as well as the required skills of dental hygienists at our clinic since we adopted it in 2013. 

METHODS: At Shuya Clinic, dental hygienists are responsible for the preparations of 3D model. In order to create 3D model, we need Intraoral and facial photographs, CBCT images, and cephalometric/panoramac radiographs. We also need to check intercuspation of the upper and lower jaw, in addition to the intraoral investigation. These are all the responsibility of dental hygienists at our clinic. Furthermore, we have also adopted 3D facial photograph, which is also handled by dental hygienists. Needless to say, cooperation with dentists and dental technician is critical in the data processing after the model scanning as well as in the data picking.
Results and Conclusions: It is needed for dental hygienists to acquire particular expertise for the new digitalized orthodontic treatment. Most of the new technologies are coming from overseas, so advanced communication skills including high English language skills are required in order to exchange information with engineers abroad. The willingness without hesitation to acquire new technologies are indispensable to offer patients better treatments.