Dr. Waddah Sabouni

Short CV

01/2014 - today Invisalign speaker

01/2011 - today general manager and owner la reserve private practice Bandol

07/2009 -  today  orthodontist “Toulon sourire” private practice Toulon

01/2007 -  today part time professor “Paris V university” 

07/2009 - 01/2011 clinic manager la reserve private practice Bandol

11/2006 - 07/2009 orthodontist assistant “la reserve private practice Bandol”

07/2005-  11/2006 orthodontist assistant “Alain SOUCHET practice Mulhouse”

2009 – 2011 University of Lyon II post graduate “orthodontics treatment of orthognathic surgery diploma”

2007 – 2009 University Paris Descartes Paris V post graduate” lingual orthodontics diploma”

2003 – 2007 University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI Orthodontics program

1997 – 2003 University of Aleppo DDS




Title: The management of transverse plane malocclusion with Lingual Appliance and Clear aligner orthodontic treatment

The treatment of the transverse plane is one of the strong points of treatments with aligners; this is due principally to the large contact between the aligner and the teeth

However, in certain cases it’s necessary to associate this treatment with a skeletal expansion in order to act at the bone level

3D imagery, CBCT and intra-oral scan are tools which allow us to perform a precise diagnosis and determine the limit of alveolar expansion.

The traditional method for treating skeletal maxillary constriction is surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion followed by orthodontic treatment to correct the transversal deficit.

This procedure present the following problems:

1. unsightly post expansion inter-incisor midline diastema

2. Orthodontic treatment delayed up to 6 months after expansion (due to the presence of expander)

3. Esthetic and hygienic issues related to traditional orthodontic appliances

4. inability to benefit of acceleratory phenomenon of orthodontic tooth movement

In order to solve these problems we propose a new protocol, During this presentation Several cases will be discussed to illustrate the solutions and the evolution of the treatment of skeletal maxillary constriction from traditional method to our current protocol.

Authors: Dr.Waddah SABOUNI, Dr Philippe CHANAVAZ

DDS, Orthodontics Practice Bandol – France

MD, Oro-Face Center Aubagne - France