Dr. Roberto Stradi

Short CV

Roberto Stradi, DDS, Orthodontist Specialist

Birth: Naples, Italy, 19/Oct/1970

Add.: Via De Falco, 26. 81100 Caserta, Italia.

Ppn: 0039 347 2713175
E.mail: roberto.stradi@gmail.com

University Degrees

2001 Post graduated in Orthodontics after a 4 year full time training at the University of Naples “Federico II”, chairman prof. R. Martina. (70/70 e lode)

1994 Graduated in Dentistry at University of Naples “Federico II” (110/110 e lode).

University Assignments - Univ. of Naples "Federico II" - Post Graduation School of Orthod.

2015 Teacher and main Tutor of the International II Level Master in IncognitoTM Lingual System

2013 Teacher and main Tutor of the II Level Master in IncognitoTM Lingual System" (2013-2015)

2004-13 “Professore a contratto of lingual orthodontics”,
in charge of managing clinical cases and seminar activity.

2001-04 Clinic instructor of lingual orthodontics

Work Experiences

2013 - Italian Incognito Certification Provider

Since 2010 - "Incognito" In Office private Courses for 3M Italy

Since 1995 Exclusive Orthodontic Private Practice in Caserta, Italy.

- ESLO Active Member
- WSLO Active Member
- 3M Unitek Italy KOL for IncognitoTM Lingual System

National and International Lecturer
Exclusive Orthodontic Private Practice in Caserta 






Title: Extraction management with IncognitoTM System.

Extraction orthodontic therapies are a reality in our daily clinical practice.
In order to solve them at our best, we need a very precise 3D control.
In Lingual Orthodontic this need is even stronger, due to the well known tight relation between second and third order movements.
In my lecture I'll be talking about space management with Incognito
TM System.
Clinical cases will be presented, with explanations of the biomechanics used to achieve correct space closures. Torque control and root parallelism, as key factors of a satisfactory finishing, will be analyzed.