Dr. Germain Becker

Short CV

2015       Prize winner ‘adding value to patients’: European Excellence Award (EEA, EFQM)

2014        Member and secretary of the Medical Council of the Hospital Kirchberg (Robert Schumann Hospitals)

2014        Winner in all categories of the Benelux Excellence Award (BEA, EFQM)

2013        President of the Case Evaluation Commission of the European Society ofLingual Orthodontics (ESLO)

2012        Course instructor: TOP Incognito Practice Live at the Practice in Luxembourg- Merl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

2011         Member of the Board of the Collège Européen d’orthodontie (CEO)

2011         Member of the new Assessment Committee at Kirchberg Hospital (Luxembourg)

2010         Finalist in the European EFQM Excellence Award (EEA)

2010         Certificate of Excellence at the World Board of Lingual Orthodontics (WBLO)

2010         Certificate of Excellence at the Board Français d’Orthodontie (BFO)

2010         Certificate of Excellence at the Collège Européen d’orthodontie (CEO)

2009         Winner of the European award EFQM Recognition for Excellence Award (R4e)

2008-2010   President of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO)

Since 2007  Lecturer at the Superior cycle specialising in orthodontics CECSMO & DUOL at René Descartes University Paris 5

2006          Winner of the Luxembourg Quality award with Excellence Trophy

2005-2010    Member of the pilot committee of Kirchberg Hospital (Luxembourg)

2004-2011    President of the Accreditation committee of the OLAS (Luxembourg Office of Accreditation and Surveillance), current active member

2004          Founding member  of the Society for Quality in Dentistry (SQD) – benchmarking group    based in Switzerland

1991:         Founding President of the Luxembourg Society for Dento-facial Orthopedics            





The objective of this presentation is to give our experience on how Excellence in organization and Management can lead to Excellence in Class III surgery cases.

The exact matching of set-up to treatment result in lingual orthodontics is a key performance indicator of orthodontic practice (objectively proven clinical indicators). 

Methodology: The fully customized lingual system and the rigorous documentation help to match initial set-up to final result in Class III surgery cases.

The concept of ‘starting with the results in mind’ has the key benefit of:

  • Cleary defining all the treatment steps in a transparent way, phased out over time
  • Determining upfront the deliverables to attain on each treatment deadline, helping also the plan adequate materials and resources
  • Ensuring a better understanding and compliance from the supportive staff with the defined objectives, appropriating to themselves the expected results specified in advance.
  • Increasing the patient motivation and cooperation level as he better grasps the way ahead and measures gradually how progress is objectively achieved.

Results: This approach shows a higher level of performance in the treatment interim and final results of Class III surgery cases, as measured by the indicators and reflected in the organisation’s aggregate management dashboards.

The patient satisfaction also improves over time, as the treatment has been designed and explained with the results in mind.

The EFQM process-orientation and PDCA methodology ensure full control of the treatment delivery cycle. 

Conclusion:  The author proves by 6 clinical cases the excellence of results in lingual orthodontics with Class III surgery cases.


 Dr Germain BECKER


- Keywords :

class III surgery cases

matching of set-up to treatment result

customized lingual system

define all the treatment steps