Dr. Shoji Sugiyama

Short CV

Graduate Nippon Dental University

Private Orthodontic Practice, Shibuya Tokyo

Japanese Board of Orthodontics Member

Nippon Dental University Clinical Professor (Department of Orthodontics)

Incognito Key Opinion Leader 






Title: New protocol for extraction cases about tooth axis controlled by Incognito System based on Japanese cases


AIMS: Some problems in Horizontal bowing effect control were observed during space closure phase in Japanese cases with tooth extraction treated with Incognito Appliance System. The cause of the problems was investigated and propose new protocol of mechanics for extraction case.


METHODS: Following values were measured in 12 Japanese cases with tooth extracion treated by Incognito Appliance System and compaired values of upper and lower arches of study models taken at finishing stage with ones of set-up models; Inter-canine distance Inter-2nd premolar distance Inter-1st and 2nd molar distance The tendency of the values of Inter-2nd molar distance of the finished case is smaller than ones of the set-up model was observed.


Results and Conclusions: In Incognito cases with tooth extraction, it is preferable to use TPA or add anti-bowing effect curve to the archwires to avoid the occurrance of holizontal bowing effect in posterior dention. Also retracting anterior dentition from the micro implant, should be using power hook to avoid intrusion of lingual cuspids of molars.