Dr. Martín Pedernera

Short CV

  • Dentistry MSc from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina (2004)
  • Post graduate in Orthodontics, Barcelona, Spain (2009)
  • Private practice limited to orthodontics in Barcelona, Spain (2009)
  • Regular lecturer in Ladent and Dr. Pablo Echarri's collaborator in Badalona, Spain (2011)
  • Lecturer in various international orthodontic meetings
  • Author of various scientific articles in orthodontics
  • Member of the SEDO (Spanish Society of Orthodontics)
  • Member of the ESLO






Title: Demonstrate the protocol I use for the treatment of included canines in combination with lingual orthodontics in a case report.


METHODS: The sequence of the protocol for the treatment of included canines in combination with lingual orthodontics is: Surgery and microimplant placing to help and position the tooth in a better situation for the bracket bonding. Indirect bonding using the Accurate Bracket Positioner. Archwires sequence. Temporary bracket positioning. Aesthetic temporary crown.  Final bracket positioning.  Detailing stage and finishing. The Accurate Bracket Positioner allows us to position the bracket on the model measuring the bracket parameters so this position could be repeated or modified, parameter by parameter, if necessary. This system allows us to apply the same prescription to similar cases or to customize the prescription according to the case particularities for example included teeth, in order to obtain predictable results. After positioning the included cuspid to a more favorable position it's possible to bond the definitve bracket to it. During the detailing stage, if necessary, it is possible to rebond the bracket, modifying the necessary parameter to achieve all the treatment goals without or minimizing wire bending.


Results and Conclusions: The clinical protocol was followed in order to obtain correct positioning of the included canine having into account the aesthetic during and after the treatment. This protocol was used successfully to treat a maloclussion with an included canine.