Dr. Paolo Manzo

Short CV

Dr. Manzo graduated cum laude in Dentistry (D.D.S.) in 1997 with a thesis on occlusion and posture correlations. Since his graduation, he followed a training program focused on both traditional and lingual orthodontics. He completed his post- graduation in Orthodontics (MSc) with honors and he received a PhD in Oral Science at University of Naples “Federico II”. He is Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Naples "Federico II" from 2008. Dr. Manzo received the excellence certification by Italian Board of Orthodontics (I.B.O.), by European Board of Orthodontics (E.B.O.) and by European Board of Lingual Orthodontics (E.B.L.O.).

Dr. Manzo has lectured at courses, masters and congresses in different countries of the world on the following topics: lingual orthodontics, straight wire and self-ligating technique, torque management with variable prescriptions, finishing, biomechanics, II class malocclusions, interdisciplinary and complex treatments of dental anomalies and TADs management. Dr. Manzo has trained Italian and foreign doctors with practical courses and he manages with his coworkers in office courses on lingual technique with Harmony system and on straight wire technique. He has presented several award winning scientific and clinical papers at national and international conferences. Over 30 scientific posters presented at National and International Congresses and publications in International peer-reviewed journals.

Author and co-author of 7 award winning scientific presentations. 
His clinical practice is limited exclusively to the orthodontics and cranio-mandibular disorders management. He is international orthodontic clinical ad- visor. Dr. Manzo was a Board member of the European Federation of Orthodontics (F.E.O. 2011-2015) and of the Italian Dental Association (A.N.D.I.). 





Title: the efficiency of self ligating in lingual treatment

AIMS: In recent years a considerable evolution of CAD-CAM and digital technologies applications in medicine and dentistry has occurred. This, in addition with the increasing demand of invisible orthodontic treatments by not only adult but also adolescent and post-adolescent patients, has lead to a remarkable improvement of lingual orthodontics techniques. The aim of this lecture will be to assess the effects of a self-ligating fully customized technique on the lingual treatment management.

METHODS: The combination of self-ligating brackets with a virtual set up, a jig repositioning system and an optimization of the in/out compensations and arch form will be examined in order to evaluate how much these factors can influence the efficiency and the overall treatment management of the lingual patients.

Results and Conclusions: To work with this customized self ligating lingual system can meet the need of the modern orthodontists and can simplify and improve the management of the lingual treatments for both doctors and patients.