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See more, Sweat less!

Scooterise is a company created on the foundations of “Sustainable Transportation"

Scooterise was founded with a commitment to Sustainable Transportation Products and Services. Proudly from Greece, we support and engage the local and international community with an innovative suite of services including sales, rentals, tours and B2B transportation solutions.

All of our products are carefully chosen to provide safe, fun, efficient and eco-friendly solutions for people in many areas of their daily lives, including urban, leisure transportation, kids vehicles and business commercial uses.

Whether electric or human-powered, our vehicles offer an enhanced experience with great cost-savings and efficiency, as well as a significant reduction in environmental impact.


See the top sights of central Athens and glide around the historical center of Athens, seeing more and sweating less. Have a stunning view of the Acropolis of Athens at all times. Admire the Temple of Olympian Zeus, built in honor of Zeus, king of the twelve Olympians. Finish your wonderful experience by racing with your family or friends at the Panathenaic Stadium, riding the amazing Trikke Electric vehicles. The most exciting way to explore this beautiful city!



  • Panathenaic Stadium
  • National Garden,
  • Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Hadrian’s Arch,
  • Zappeion Exhibition Hall
  • Roman Baths