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Sunday 3rd of July

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ChairpersonsGerassimos Angelopoulos, Athina Chatzigianni, Guanying Wu


09.00-09-30 Germain Becker

Excellence in management for class III surgery cases   


09.30-09.50 Toru Inami

Class III approach of Japanese case, it’s Diagnosis and Treatment.


09.50-10.05 Gerasimov SergeiMarina Parshina

Orthognatic surgery in combined lingual orthodontic treatment. Long term stability.


10.05-10.20 Olivier Sorel

Reshaping teeth


10.20-10.35 Altounian Gerard

Expansion, disjunction, distraction  


10.35-10.50 Prof. Claudia Corega 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Condylar Position after combined lingual orthodontics and surgery: A Preliminary Study


10.50-11.05 Pedernera Martin

Demonstrate the protocol I use for the treatment of included canines in combination with  lingual orthodontics in a case report.


11.05-11.30 Coffee Break


Chairpersons: Emmanouil Inglezos, Christophe Gualano, Andrien Marinetti 


11.30- 11.50 Vittorio Cacciafesta

 2D Lingual Orthodontics: an Update.


11.50-12.10 Ryoon-Ki Hong

The Anboini System: Multi-slotted Lingual Bracket and Preformed Lingual Straight Archwire


12.10-12.30 Oksana Afanasieva

The paradox in the practice of orthodontics when simple seems complicated and vice versa.


12.30-12.45 Nour E Tarraf

 Lingual orthodontics for adolescents: should it be standard?


ChairpersonsPatrick Curiel, Oksana Afanasieva, Teodorina Secara


12.45-13.00 Jean-Marc Bellaiche 

Clues in asymmetric extraction cases in Lingual Orthodontics


13.00-13-15 Vasilyeva MariaTamara Kosyreva

The orbital plane's leveling in the structures of the skull by using lingual system


13.15-13.30 Kokkas Alexandros

Lingual orthodontics in the medically compromised patient


13.30-13.50 Guillaume Lecocq

Lingual orthodontics is first orthodontics


13.50-14.15 Takis Kanarelis

Evidence based in lingual orthodontics - Modern Clinical Aspects


14.15-14.30 Closing Ceremony