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Saturday 2nd of July

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Chairpersons: Michel Steil, Evi Stamou, Jean Jacques Aknin


09.00-09.30 Didier Fillion

Lingual Liberty: a philosophy, a technique


09.30-10.00 Esfandiar Modjahedpour

Finish what you started!


10.00-10.20 Henrique Valdetaro

Finishing in Lingual Orthodontics a simple procedure for a beautiful result


10.20-10.40 Toshiaki Hiro

Introduction of the cases submitted for the renewal of Japan Orthodontic Board


10.40-11.00 Pablo Echarri Lobiondo

As the patients are not always the same, treatments should also be different


11.00-11.30 Coffee Break



ChairpersonsEduard Pümpel, Barbara Jaeger, Esfandiar Modjahedpour


11.30-11.50 Leandro Fernandez

Incognito in transverse


11.50-12.10 Roberto Stradi

Extraction management with IncognitoTM System


12.10-12.30 Adam Schulhof

Control of all 4 dimensions with the Incognito appliance system


12.30-12.50 Asif Chatoo  

Digital orthodontics - take it to the wire!


12.50-13.10  Tsubaki Joji George

Analysis of differences between analog and digital setups with over-torque for the maxillary incisors and their limits


13.10-13.30 Woo-Ttum Bittner

Keeping the Lane - Lingual treatment based on latest scanning technology with “Fusion”


13.30-14.15 Coffee Break


ChairpersonsJignesh Kothari, Christodoulos Laspos, Irene Kapogianni 


14.15-14.30 Vento Bosch CristinaDidier Fillion

Secrets in lingual digital set up


14.30-14.45 Simon Graf

CAD/CAM procedures for orthodontics. A new digital approach for metallic orthodontic appliances


14.45-15.00 Takahiro Shoji, Kazuo Togashi

Introduction to the new lingual orthodontic treatment of three-dimensional digital setup


15.00-15.20 Pravin Shetty

LingualMatrix 3D System - Evolution and Revolution in Cad/Cam Lingual Orthodontics


15.20-15.40 Kyoto Takemoto

ALIAS Lingual straight wire system


15.40-16.00 Giuseppe Scuzzo  

Eline System: digital lingual straight wire procedure for ALIAS PSL bracket


16.00-16.30 Coffee Break



ChairpersonsJean-François Cuzin, Kalavritinos Michalis, Markou Konstantinos


16.30-16.45 Teodora Adina Modjahedpour, Christina-Niculescu Talpos

Extraction of one lower incisor-always an easy lingual case?


16.45-17.00 Beyza Hancioglu Kircelli

Adult orthodontics by means of partial lingual appliances


17.00-17.15 Dalessandri DomenicoMarco Migliorati, Simona Dianiskova, Elena Lazzaroni, Ingrid Tonni, Corrado Paganelli

Incidence of bracket bond failure in patients treated with two different fully customized lingual appliances and bonding protocols: a pilot study    


17.15-17.30 Manzo Paolo

The efficiency of self ligating in lingual treatment


17.30-17.50 Marinetti Adrien

The new - easy to ligate - HARMONY bracket


17.50-18.10 Isao Matsuno  

The current topics of digital lingual system "HARMONY"